Oostwoud in the triangle Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen. All 3 cities are worth a visit. With nice shopping streets, squares, terraces, musea and harbours it is definitely worth a visit. In Medemblik you will find castle Radboud and a lot of water in this area. Lakes and the big lake Ijsselmeer. Here the adventure will start, because behind the house a motorboat is waiting for you to discover the area. Visit Egboetswater (also in walkingdistance) or the Vlietlanden Lake. A perfect way to discover North Holland, unwind and relax. Also visit the cheese market in Alkmaar and when you want to switch from sweat water (Ijsselmeer) to salt water you are at the beach within a hour. In Oostwoud there is also a sauna and wellness and in the same street an outdoor swimmingpool. Everything can be done by feet or by bicycle. And a lot of recreation facilities in the area. At the Ijsselmeer a nice children playground, a children farm, midget golf, an indoor swimmingpool and golf (18 holes).